Choose Quality Tea

The first thing to consider when diving into tea is choosing quality tea. Generally because of the way companies process tea, it is rare that you will find teas offered in their most optimal condition. To enjoy great tea we recommend buying the best tea available to you and buying loose leaf. By buying loose leaf you can know that your tea has had very little processing and that you are getting the full character it has to offer. Certain kinds of loose tea also expand better when steeped which also preserves character. Some loose leaf teas can also be enjoyed at different times in expansions and even with multiple infusions!   


We recommend using tea sacs or infusers to steep your tea. Stay away from the common tea ball steeper because it is often too small to let tea expand properly. They also don't filter the finer cut teas very well. Steeping tea directly in the teapot is also a great method. Just make sure you have a good tea strainer to filter out both leaves and finer cut ingredients. 

Use Clean Water

Make sure you use the best water available to you. If there are unpleasant notes in your tap water then those same notes will transfer over to your tea. So it is best to use a very pure water so that you can enjoy exactly what your tea has to offer. Store bought water filters or bottled waters are often good enough. Just make sure you're buying from a well established brand. 

Time & Temperature 

Black - 212 deg. 

Oolong - 190-200 deg. 

Green - 160-180 deg. 

White - 155-165 deg.

Puerh - 208-212 deg. 

Dark - 195-205 deg. 

Herbal - 212 deg. 


Green & White teas - no longer than 3 minutes

All other teas - between 3 & 5 minutes